Tips For Standard Sit and Go Poker Strategy

If you file for bankruptcy in a sit and go, you have no right to buy it in a cash game. After losing all your chips, you have a new situation through before starting the session again. In a sit and go, the prize pool will be distributed at the end of a tournament, instead of money distributed to each hand.
It is better, play strong hands in the early rounds of a tournament, the size of the blind will be small compared to the size of the average stack. A player who has survived in a tournament for a long time considered high risk. Rather than risk all your chips at the beginning is best to play it safe and try to make pots of money.
Other players start pushing the batteries as the blinds increase. In recent massive bodies (dealer or cut), try the blinds, you have a better chance to steal the blinds fold. If everyone has folded to you in the small blind, is sure to go with almost any two cards, if worth stealing the blinds.
Also, increase and steal more pots collect first. If in doubt, hands selective early and liberal with your hands to play in the later stages.
Increase because the blinds and the player removed, you will notice that the cash game strategy is different sit and go poker strategy. Play to improve various tournaments.